Our Mission

TextCafe is a marketing technology company focused on optimizing access to books and offering a stellar reading experience on any device, as part of our overall mission to empower publishers and authors to sell and share books directly with readers.

We understand that the book itself is critical to the reader’s purchase decision, so our focus is on delivering the highest possible speed to read, great layout on all platforms, easy navigation, and quick links to buy and share, based on our experience with four generations of web and app readers.

Our ultimate aim is to help publishers remove all barriers to reader curiosity about a book, increase engagement and improve conversion metrics. To do that, we transform eBook files into book excerpts that readers can engage with a single click and let the content sell itself. Our easy-to-use URL-based samples make the book readily available through links on social media, in email and on websites, and makes it easy to buy and share.

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Our Team

Founder / Martin Hensel is a successful serial entrepreneur. He founded Texterity, which produced digital editions for 2000 magazines where every issue was delivered on all major platforms and devices.

Major Texterity customers included:

  • Consumer publishers Conde Nast, Meredith, and Rodale
  • B2B publishers Crain, GIE, IDG, Penton, and Summit

Texterity was acquired by GTxcel in 2012. Martin also played a pivotal role in Investext, now a large division of Thomson Reuters.

Team Members

  • Martin Hensel— Sales/Strategy
  • Petra McLure — Systems Design and Buy Link Microservice
  • Artem Maksimenko — Dashboard Integration and ONIX Automation
  • Dagbedji Fagnisse — EPUB Ingest API and Statistical Processing
  • Nenad Bursac — PWA, Vuejs UI and Templates, HTML Styling
  • Charlotte Abbott — Marketing Strategy
  • Andrew Yip — UX Design
  • Nancy Goulet — Graphic Design


January 16, 2018 -- INscribe Digital Introduces TextCafe eBook Samples