Sell More Books with Samples

Now publishers have an easy way to turn eBooks into reading samples to tweet, post, email, or include on a website.

Readers quickly engage, with one click to buy or share — enabling publishers and authors to sell more!

Each sample opens instantly in any browser.

It includes purchase links to any store or website and social links to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and LinkedIn.

Publishers control everything!

  • % of Book in sample
  • Stores and websites where readers buy your book
  • Social Networks and messages for sharing
  • Descriptions of book, author and publisher

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Samples Drive Sales

Samples are a versatile way to market books:

  • On a website, offer a sample of any length with a purchase link to any store
  • On social networks, distribute a first chapter, with links for buying and sharing
  • In targeted emails, present up to 100% of the book for a limited time

Publishers are also using samples to extend the life of their books:

  • Drive preorders before publication
  • Encourage early reviews
  • Draw attention to a book launch or reissue
  • Highlight excerpts from a book that’s in the news or is now a movie
  • Offer sample chapters on publisher and author websites
  • Present related titles in the back of eBooks

Easy to Create & Track

Creating book samples from eBook files is easy. We completely automate the process if you have many titles.

The unique URL for each book works in tweets, posts, email and on websites.

Our powerful web dashboard makes it simple to manage your assets and measure activity.